I don’t know about you, but January felt like a slog! Despite the cold and gloomy weather, being skint, and it just being January it is useful to reflect that it wasn’t that bad.

Here are five good things that happened during January – in no particular order!

1. I launched my Awesomeness Challenge!

I am doing a fitness challenge on 20 February to raise money for the charities Tommy’s and First Touch to celebrate Hugo’s third birthday, which is also the third anniversary of the day when I could have died from HELLP syndrome.

With nearly four weeks to go before the challenge begins I have raised nearly 44% of my £1000 total! People have been so kind and generous.

If you would like to donate, you can do so by text:

Donate to First Touch by sending the code HCDP80 and your amount £x to 70070.

Donate to Tommy’s by sending the code HCDP90 and your amount £x to 70070.

(HCDP is Hugo’s initials: Hugo Christopher Dylan Parker).

Or through my JustGiving page

I’ve been posting videos of my progress on my Instagram account, so do pop over and have a look!

I’ll be doing the challenge at my local Fitness First gym. They’ve been fab at helping me with the challenge, and have displayed a poster in reception to help with the fundraising.

2. Jumping on the blue box!

I’ve been trying for ages to jump ‘properly’ – that is, square with both feet simultaneously – on to the blue box. Said blue box is 45 cm (18 inches) high. The silly thing is I could jump perfectly well on a deck just a couple of centimetres lower than that. Jumping on the deck should be more difficult because it is a smaller space! But anyway, I achieved my goal – and even did 10 jumps in a row! Three of them have been captured on this video.

3. Managing My Mental Health

I’ve been managing my mental health quite well during January. There have been a couple of ‘wobbles’, which are to be expected. It’s how I manage those wobbles that is crucial.

To better manage my mental health I have been striving to find a better life balance. For me that means getting plenty of sleep because things feel much worse when you are tired anyway, and PTSD on top of that makes things very messy indeed. That means I have to compromise on things like blogging less, but that’s just the way it is.

I am getting better at speaking up about the support that I need, and work is brilliant at listening and providing that support.

4. Getting a DailyGreatness Wellness Journal

My good friend Flo has got a DailyGreatness Wellness Journal and thought I might like it too.

It’s a daily journal, and a brilliant way of keeping myself accountable, asking myself questions about what is helpful/unhelpful, and other things. I’ve been using it for a week now and find it invaluable. I’ll be publishing a post with more details about it, so won’t spoil it all now.

5. Flowers have started to reappear!

I get so excited when spring flowers start to appear, whether outside or in the shops. The pop of colour lifts the spirit, and they provide hope that spring isn’t too far away.

~FLOWERS~ its rainy and grey outside. But spring can’t be far away! Here’s some hope in the form of some pretty flowers 🌸

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4 comments on “5 Good Things That Happened During January”

  1. What a fab January Leigh, congratulations with the blue box I can’t imagine being able to do that! I’ve been wanting to hibernate and keep watching sunny proprty programmes. We’ve just booked our holiday which I’m so excited about! Thank you for linking up again this week #sharethejoy we’re taking a break for half term and back 20th Feb 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks Lizzie, I couldn’t have imagined jumping the blue box either a few months ago! Exciting news on booking your holiday, fab to have something to look forward to. xxx

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