Hello and welcome to Door 2 of the Awesome Advent.

Food is a huge focus at Christmas. Christmas food is usually very rich, and helps expand our waistlines – but it’s so yummy, right?

It’s also cold in the northern hemisphere, meaning we’re more likely to reach for comfort food – again, not great for our waistlines.

By Boxing Day many of us will feel over-full and bloated. We’re probably looking forward to January when, we promise ourselves, the gluttony will stop, we’ll eat healthy diets that are strictly calorie-controlled and we’ll get our waistlines trimmer again.

(And probably feel really miserable).

But eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to count every calorie, compromise on taste, or take ages to prepare, and that is what door 2 is all about.

Balance with food and exercise throughout the year is much better for your body and your mind, rather than feasting and dieting. Feasting and dieting can result in a yo-yo cycle that damages your metabolism (therefore making losing weight more difficult) and affect you mentally as you get stressed about your weight and what you ‘should’ be doing or look like.


Melt in the Middle Christmas Turkey Burgers


  • 150g-200g Turkey thigh mince (breast can tend to dry out too much)
  • Brie
  • Cranberry sauce (ideally homemade, shop bought sauce tends to have high levels of sugar and salt)
  • Fresh sage (to taste)


  • Combine mince with fresh chopped sage being careful not to over handle, mould into two patties of 75-100g each
  • Add brie and cranberry to centre of one patty, and place the other over the top
  • Gently work the edges of the patties together with your fingers to seal the centre
  • Fry/grill both sides for 5 to 10 mins make sure to cut into one burger to check its cooked right through.
  • Alternatively wrap in foil and bake at 180 for 15 to 25 mins
  • ENJOY!


Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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