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Melt Your Middle HIIT At Home

What is a HIIT? High Impact Intensity Training. This workout is designed to send your metabolic rate spiking for at least 24 hours.

It is essential that you feel you’ve pushed as hard as you can during the workout: that said, HIIT means Short and Intense so it’ll be over before you know it!

We are looking at a 20 minute routine including warm-up, and an intense workout 2 to 3 minutes ‘limbering up’. Just GET MOVING! Who cares how, just don’t go crazy! We want to be moving as many body parts as we can.

There is of course a warning before any exercise – safety first, if you are new to exercise please speak to your doctor first, and be extra careful for example if you are already carrying an injury.

Many people just don’t know where to start, so I will throw you some ideas.

Warm Up

Warm ups are crucial to help prevent injury to cold muscles.

* 30s on the spot jog

* 30s legs wide alternate toe touches

* 30s on the spot jog

* 30s alternate high reaches

* 30s steady rotations

* 30s steady squat


You’re warm CHECK

Blood is flowing faster CHECK

Muscles oxygenated and ready CHECK

Mentally prepared?? Ummm come again?

Your mind is unlikely ever to be fully ready. As long as you make a start, the momentum and adrenaline will kick you into gear.

No need to be scared, it’s not that bad honest!

The Workout!

* 30s spring squats

* 15-30s rest

* 30s crossover jacks (normal star jumps if coordination is terrible!)

* 15-30s rest

* 30s high knees

* 15- 30s rest

* 30s full plank

* 15-30s rest

* 30s spring squats

* 30s plank jacks

* 30s rest

* 30s mountain sprints

* 30s upper crunch

* 30s rest

* 1 min sprint starts

* 30s rest

* 1 min burpees

* 30s rest

* 1 min burpee jumps

* 30s rest

* 1 min press up jacks (knee clap press ups)

* 30s rest

Finish with a full abdominal circuit and a plank for as long as you can handle.

Full abdominal circuit

1. Upper crunch 10-12

2. Lower crunch 10-12

3. Full crunch 10-12

And you’re done!

How do you feel?

Hot, sweaty, tired probably….and hopefully also AWESOME now the adrenaline and endorphins are riding high!

Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to rehydrate.

I hope this workout shows you that time, or a lack of gym membership needn’t be barriers to exercise. Just get started.

If you’re not sure what any of the moves are supposed to be, have a look online, there will be plenty of videos. Similarly, if you want to try some variations there are loads of HIIT workout and bodyweight workout ideas online. Leigh will be sharing a video of her trying out this very workout behind a future door, so watch this space!



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