Ok I’m cheating a bit for doors 10 and 11.

I needed a bit of time out…


~REST~ Sometimes you need a bit of time out. Christmas is a tough time, and I am understanding that my energy – both physical and emotional – is finite. I was feeling virusy – swollen glands, sore throat, etc – as well as the emotional stressors I deal with every day, and do my best to manage. I’m getting better at listening to my body and brain, I recognised the signs that a recharge was required. I took a day out, a necessary investment against being out of action for much longer. I missed a couple of gym sessions: it is my therapy for my brain and my body, but on this occasion my body really needed to rest. And that’s ok. Resting means awesomeness can resume all the sooner. It’s all about finding that balance – bloody difficult to do though.

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And that is the way it has to be, sometimes. No guilt, no need for apologies.

I was back to the awesomeness yesterday:

I messaged Matt this morning to say I always marvel that irrespective of the length of time I have been working out with him, and no matter how much my strength improves, he always manages to find new and innovative ways of making everything hurt. That’s quite a talent…and it feels great!

But for now, I need to rest my frazzled brain. Not to mention my achy glutes, quads, obliques….

And now the out of office is on, the work phone is off. The holidays start now: a chance to properly recharge and refresh.

We still have the final door, number 12 of the Awesome Advent to come, of course – that will be revealed on Saturday. See you then!


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