I love statement necklaces, but storing them can be a bit of a pain. Putting them in a jewellery box like I do with other accessories doesn’t really work because by their nature they are big and bulky, plus being hidden out of sight they get forgotten about and when I did remember they were there they were all tangled.

Too much hassle!

Then I had a genius idea: to hang them up on the wall!

Hanging them on the wall is the perfect solution because:

  • They are on display, meaning I can easily see what I have;
  • I can reach any of them easily, no untangling required!
  • They also provide a pretty bold pop of colour against a plain white wall. You can see them peeping out from behind the mirror in my outfit of the day shots.

Want to make your own statement necklace display?

Well, it’s easy-peasy.

I used a skirt hanger – they’re pretty small, and the clips at either end prevent items from slipping off. The fabric bow hides most of the hanger, not that it being on show is a big problem.

It’s attached to the wall with a removable adhesive hook simply because it’s easy to reposition without (hopefully) damaging the paint and plaster.

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