Life is all too short. Sadly we can’t spend all of our time doing only the things we enjoy – well most of us mere mortals, anyway. Our time is taken up by various obligations and responsibilities, meaning our spare time, the time we have to do as we choose is precious.

So why waste that precious time on things that we don’t like doing? Especially things we don’t have to do.

Here are my top 5 things life is too short for:

Books/films/series you ‘should’ read/watch but you just don’t enjoy

When I am reading a book, or watching a film or series I am really enjoying I am lost to it.

With a book, I will grab any spare moment to read just a bit more. When watching a film I enjoy I am absorbed, not wanting it to end. A series envelops me in its world, and it’s “just one more!” even on a school night. Otherwise, waiting to find out what happens next is terrible torture.

So when I discover I can take or leave a book; when I find myself reaching for my phone while watching a film; when I realise I am not bothered about what happens next in a series, I put it away and move on.

I give things a fair chance: some things are slow to get going, to suck you in, to capture your attention. But after an amount of time I cut my losses and find something else instead.

Exercise you don’t like

It wasn’t so long ago that pretty much any exercise was exercise I didn’t like. At the gym, I would drag myself to the cardio machines. I would plod away on the treadmill, or the stair climber or the cross trainer desperate for any sort of distraction. I would have to cover up the time display because I would look at it every 10 seconds, each time thinking surely that must have been a minute, at least?

That was until I discovered crossfit style HIIT, bodyweight exercise, boxing, and plyo workouts. Now, I am eager to get to the gym. Now, an hour goes by in a flash because I am enjoying it so much.


Ugh. Some people enjoy ironing: they pop up the ironing board in front of the telly, and plough through the pile. They find it therapeutic. Not me. I’ve always found ironing to be a chore, and avoid it.

Fortunately, most of my clothes are of the sort of fabric where provided you hang them up straight from the washing machine, they are wrinkle-free. Or nearly, anyway.

There are items that trick doesn’t work with, and they just have to have wrinkles in. Duvet covers and the like. As long as the sheets are clean, I don’t care if they are creased.

My other half sometimes has shirts that need an iron. As long as he has fully functioning arms and legs, he is quite capable of doing them himself.

Part of my dislike of ironing is that I am not very good at it, especially when it comes to anything ‘technical’, think lots of seams and a complex cut. You could say that my skills would improve with practice, but I say nooooo….

What other people think of you

Life is way too short to worry about what other people think of you. Now, that isn’t a free pass to be a narcissist, an invitation to do whatever you like whenever you like and who cares how it affects other people. No, not at all.

It is about not letting what other people might think stop you doing you enjoy, or doing something you would like to try.

If it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, great.

On a similar topic…

People who don’t make you feel good/sap your energy

We all know people who don’t make us feel good about ourselves. Perhaps they might seek to constantly remind us of our shortcomings, or fail to encourage us. Most of us also know people whose cup is always half empty, who can find a negative in anything, for whom nothing is ever good enough. They don’t half sap your energy, don’t they? They are kind of like Dementors from Harry Potter. That’s not to say to not be a good friend because we can all go through bad times when we need some kindness and understanding – this is about the people who are always me, me, me, and take, take, take.

What is on your list of things life is too short for?


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3 comments on “Five Things Life Is Too Short For”

  1. Brilliant list! The last one is a biggie for me – I kept two people in my life for longer than I should have just because they were childhood friends. One nearly ruined my wedding and the other had been spreading lies about other friends, and it was only when I let them go that I realised how much richer my other friendships could be. That goes for everything on your list – let go of the negative or mediocre and you suddenly have space for much better things!

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