Hello and welcome to my new blog,

Looking for a Bright Side.

Looking for a Bright Side is all about the fun parts of life: beauty, style, fitness, wellbeing, and creativity.

You may already know me from my other blog, Headspace Perspective. Headspace isn’t going anywhere: I am so proud of what I have achieved, and continue to achieve through it and through Hugo’s Legacy. That blog will remain focused on my campaigning and activism work.

I have posted about beauty, style, fitness, and wellbeing on Headspace Perspective. While they have been well-received, it has not always felt right, or comfortable. Creativity helps me, and gives me a positive constructive outlet, whereas Headspace is by its nature emotionally draining.

So, after a great deal of thought I decided to set up a completely different space.

I copied over a few posts from Headspace to help give a flavour of the types of posts you can expect on Looking for a Bright Side. It’s not cheating if you’ve written the posts yourself, right?

I’m really looking forward to being able to explore my creativity and the brighter side of my personality on this blog, hence the inspiration for the name.

I hope you will enjoy my posts too.


4 comments on “Hello, and Welcome!”

  1. I think this a great thing to do, Leigh. Really positive and also a brave step. I can imagine it was a difficult decision to do a separate blog. Look forward to reading more.

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