When I’ve posted a selfie on Instagram, lovely people have been kind enough to compliment me on my skin.

My skin looks good partly due to:

  • Taking photos next to natural light
  • A bit of editing trickery using Snapseed or Lightroom
  • Make-up.

But there is a bit of modesty there…people in real life have complimented me on my complexion too – no trickery was involved! I do what I can to take good care of my skin, so I thought I’d write about it, and share some of my top tips.

This is my skin straight after being washed in the morning. Everything in the photo is natural: the photo was taken standing next to a window so there’s natural light; but there is no product on my skin whatsoever, and there are no filters.

‘Natural’ is my biggest tip for good skin. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on make-up or other fancy products if you don’t look after the basics your skin simply will not look its best.

My basic tips for great skin are:

  • Lots of water – at least eight glasses a day. (I love tea, and wine in the evenings – you don’t have to forego these things!)
  • Eat well – I don’t follow any particular diet, nor do I particularly watch what I eat in any formal way. My main guideline for food is to eat things that are in as natural a form as is possible. That’s not to promote ‘clean’ eating, it’s more about minimising my intake of processed food. My skin always tells the story when I’ve been eating too much crap, and not enough natural food.
  • Always take off your make-up before you go to bed no matter how tired, drunk, tired AND drunk  you are.
  • Using a warm flannel (or washcloth) is a really effective and inexpensive way of making sure you thoroughly cleanse your skin – it helps open up your pores. If you wear make-up, it can help you remove the last few stubborn bits without rubbing or dragging your skin.
  • Use skincare that is right for your skin type and your age. Remember your skin type can change as you age: for example I swore by the three-step Clinique products in my late teens when I had greasy skin and problems with spots (I’d panic when I ran out of the clarifying lotion!) . Now I’m nearly 40 my skin is combination sensitive, with a bit of an oily area on my chin. I prefer more natural products such as Balance Me, they feel much more gentle while cleansing.
  • Use a moisturiser with an SPF, every single day. Even in the winter, and even on a gloomy day. Your skin benefits from protection from the sun’s harmful rays, every day. Obviously, you might need a different level of SPF in the winter compared to if you’re out in the sun and/or active outdoors – there are loads of different products available.

I’ll be sharing my make-up tips soon – watch this space!

What are your tips for making the best of your natural complexion?

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2 comments on “Making the Best of Your Natural Complexion”

  1. I so agree,
    men and women look so much more beautiful and healthy without make-up.
    Mixed healthy eating and natural water are the best we can all do for us.
    I often think that every excess leaves a mark on us and our body.

    Thank you, keep going! Get everyone to see the natural beauty in others.

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