I do love a new hair do.

A trip to the salon offers a chance to have a bit of a pamper for a while: someone makes you cups of tea, you can sit and read, and enjoy a gorgeous head massage while your hair gets washed.

Pamper and tea time at the hair salon
Pamper and tea time at the hair salon

I am a natural brunette. In fact, my natural shade is so dark it is nearly black. When I was about six or seven my hair was nearly down to my waist, and combined with the hair colour bullies called me a ‘witch’. Nasty girls.

For the past few years I have been experimenting with blonde highlights. Nothing to do with bullying or witchcraft: since my early twenties I have been gradually going grey. The grey is a perfect stark silver, which shows up a little too well against the dark hair. Blonde highlights help blend in the grey, helping it be less noticeable. There is nothing wrong with ageing or grey hair, but I have so much of the grey and I just haven’t yet been ready to accept that next development of life!

An additional benefit of the blonde highlights is that they are flattering for my skin tone. I used to colour my own hair but the trouble is the colour gets darker and darker with the result that I looked like a goth. Nothing wrong with that either, but I had my goth/grunge days in the early ’90s. Yeah, yeah, the ’90s are now back in fashion but when you did it the first time….

Anyway, over a period of time and thanks to the sun and other elements the blonde highlights got ever-brighter. The beach babe look was fabulous for summer, but the colour was looking a bit ‘blocky’, and the ends a little scraggy so it was time to try something different.


Bluebird Hair Boutique in Bedford was the scene of the transformation. After a consultation with Georgia, who did my colour, and Anika, in charge of the cut, it was time for a couple of hours of bliss.

During the transformation
During the transformation, rocking the foils.

Georgia created this lovely warm deep brown, with scattered blonde highlights. It’s a flattering warm shade, and the blonde lightens it and prevents it looking too harsh (a la that throwback ’90s grungey goth look!).

For the cut I asked for an inverted, or a line bob. Anika did a lovely job: it’s a fabulous clean line, with a few long layers for movement while encouraging my naturally wavy hair to behave itself.

The colour and cut feel grown-up and sophisticated (hark at me, ‘grown-up’ – I’ll be 40 next year!), and the rich warm shade perfect for the season.




The test of a good cut is how easy it is to style it myself at home. I can’t stand faff! The stylist always makes it look easy, don’t they, and you leave the salon looking wonderful. Before the first wash after the new ‘do I am usually thinking “No…..! It will all be ruined!”

As you can see, all is fabulous. Phew!


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