Christmas jumpers have really become a ‘thing’ during the past few years. I don’t remember them being popular 10 years ago or so….or was I just not paying attention?

Anyway, Christmas jumpers are a-plenty. I’m not a fan of most styles of festive tops: while I know they are supposed to be fun and light-hearted, the designs of many of them are pretty vile. And that’s without going in to the throwaway fashion debate…

For these reasons, and the fact I find Christmas difficult, means I thought I would be very unilkely ever to buy such an item.

No, I am not a miserable cow. Christmas 2013 is the last one I really celebrated. I was 16 weeks’ pregnant with my long-awaited first baby. My partner and I had moved in to our new house earlier that year; it was our first ‘grown-up’ house. We had bought new Christmas decorations that looked so pretty. We were so proud, and looking forward to the following year, when our six month old baby would be gazing in wonder at the twinkly lights.

But just eight weeks later it all fell apart, when I nearly died from the rare, life-threatening pregnancy complication HELLP syndrome. My baby was born to save both our lives, and my son Hugo sadly died 35 days later.

I love the Selfish Mother tees and jumpers, and wear them with pride. Being an empty-armed mother, the fact that I am still a mummy is something I like to make known.There is the additional bonus that Mother tees raise much-needed funds for a range of charities, mostly supporting women and families in need.

When I saw the Sparkle jumper, part of the new Christmas collection, I had to have one.

You can see my Hugo hand print star, and the forget-me-not moon in memory of the baby I miscarried this summer contrasted against the jumper.

It’s a very un-Christmassy Christmas jumper.

For a start, it’s black, totally not a festive colour.

The ‘Sparkle’ slogan is bold yet understated (there’s an oxymoron for you), and while the text shimmers there are no gaudy decorations that you see on typical Christmas jumpers.

And besides the fact the jumper is gorgeous, soft, warm, and fab to wear most importantly of all

50% of the price of every Christmas jumper sold is donated to Save The Children.

At Christmas the focus is often on children: why not help transform children’s lives in some of the world’s toughest countries, too?

Of course, the purchase of a jumper is a tiny gesture, but I think this is a brilliant idea. To me, it is part of a wider context: thinking of others, and thinking of sustainability.

The fabric the jumper is made from is Fair Wear certified, and made from organic cotton. No fast, throwaway fashion here.

Sparkle is something to aspire to every day, not just at Christmas! I’ll be wearing the jumper whenever the weather is suitable on any day of the year, taking the sustainability concept that bit further.

That quality is represented in the price: they are £45 eac. Bearing in mind that I will be getting a lot of wear out of it throughout the year, the sustainability aspect, and that a significant percentage of the price is donated to charity, it is not unreasonable.

Thinking of getting your own?

Visit the Fmly Store . There are loads of different designs and colours in the Christmas collection, as well as the regular Mother/Mama slogan t-shirts, not to mention the Rebel designs that raise money for cancer charities.

It’s not all focused on women, either: there are plenty of items for men, and kids too.

Unsure of Sizing?

I am 5′ 2″, a size 14 to 16, with big boobs. I prefer a snug fit. My Sparkle jumper is a Large, and is a perfect fit for me.

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