You might remember that behind Door 4 of the Awesome Advent was an idea from Matt for a quick yet effective workout from home: the Melt Your Middle HIIT.

I promised to give it a go, and video it to show it to you all – here it is!

You don’t need any special equipment for the workout: just some workout gear, and a willingness to get stuck in and try it! A yoga mat is useful for the ab work and planks, especially if like me you have a hard wooden floor.

It’s a perfect workout for anyone who doesn’t have a gym membership, or perhaps feels a bit shy (as many people do) about working out in front of others at the gym. As you can see from the video, I have bits that wobble, and my form is not always perfect. However, I have fewer wobbly bits than I did at the beginning of the year, and it was not to long ago that I could not do even one burpee, so if you plan in 2017 to get fit I hope that provides a bit of motivation and inspiration to show what you can achieve, too!

The workout took about 14 minutes to do (excluding the warm-up, which I did off-camera beforehand). In that time, I got very sweaty indeed, my limbs burned, and I was very out of breath! Every part of my body was worked out, my heart rate was raised, and I tested myself in different ways – it’s a great method of challenging your body, and burning away excess body fat.

It goes to show that an effective workout can be quick – you don’t have to slave away for hours on a cardio machine.

Surely everyone has at least fifteen minutes in their day? The bonus is there is no travel time to the gym, too.

In addition, as with any exercise this HIIT workout is a great stress release. It helps release endorphins and serotonin, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which in consistently high amounts can be harmful.

Here’s the details of the workout as set by Matt:

* 30s spring squats

* 15-30s rest

* 30s crossover jacks (normal star jumps if coordination is terrible!)

* 15-30s rest

* 30s high knees

* 15- 30s rest

* 30s full plank

* 15-30s rest

* 30s spring squats

* 30s plank jacks

* 30s rest

* 30s mountain sprints

* 30s upper crunch

* 30s rest

* 1 min sprint starts

* 30s rest

* 1 min burpees

* 30s rest

* 1 min burpee jumps

* 30s rest

* 1 min press up jacks (knee clap press ups)

* 30s rest

Finish with a full abdominal circuit and a plank for as long as you can handle.

Full abdominal circuit

1. Upper crunch 10-12

2. Lower crunch 10-12

3. Full crunch 10-12

Just give it a go, see how you get on. You can pause if you need to, and/or mix it up a bit – perhaps get some ideas online.

As ever, this workout comes with the caveat of checking with a health professional if you are new to exercise, or have pre-existing injuries.


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